"Contemporary Images Olde Fashioned Charm"

Dorset based Photography

I am a Dorset based Photographer, Educator and Camera collector.

Recently I have been making a number of videos on film cameras these can be found at

Before Digital Youtube

Can Photography be in the blood? I have always been fascinated about Photography and taking images. I learnt developing and printing as a young child and have almost always had a camera around my neck!

For many years I taught A level Photography and still do a number of School Workshops, however for the last three years I have been working as a General Photographer, in particular working in these areas

Photography Education
Dealer/Collector of Photographica

I have been fascinated by Photography (both in still and moving form) from an early age, having been given a Plastic Diana almost the moment I could walk.

I studied Theatre Arts and Visual Arts at Rolle College Exmouth in the early 1980’s, using Photography as a major element of my art work.

Subjects for my work are varied. I am interested in Environmental and Landscape scenes, in particular within the area I live, in and around Dorchester, Dorset.

Working both in Digital and Traditional methods I hope to use the media that I feel best suits the situation. I strongly feel that traditional silver photography still has a vital role to play in image making.